Contractor License Bond

A contractor bond in the amount of $25,000 is required for every contractor with an ACTIVE contractor license. The contractor has ninety (90) days to obtain this bond after passing the state licensing exam. This bond must remain active in order to avoid license suspension. First time contractors may obtain this bond at the special rate of $233.00 for the first year. Bond renewal rates are based on credit and claim histories.

If the contractor business has an Responsible Managing Employee (RME) or Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) that owns less than 10% of the business, a separate individual qualifying bond in the amount of $25,000 is required.

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Bid | Payment | Performance Bonds

Whenever a contractor is working on a large commercial or public project, a bid, payment, contract, and/or performance bond may be required. Obtaining these bonds can be difficult, since the bonds are based on the contractor’s financial worth.

Pro-Builders Insurance provides contractors with a Quick’n Ez Contract application to be prequalified for bonds up to $250,000. Please contact our office for pre-qualifications bonds higher than $250,000.

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Limited Liability Company (LLC) Bond - $100,000

Any contracting business operating in California as an LLC is required to post an employee bond for $100,000. This bond can be expensive since the business must have adequate financial standing to purchase this bond.

Pricing for LLC bonds begins at $2,000/year, and is based on the client’s credit history and net worth.

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